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5 Best Laser Quest In Singapore [2024]

Laser Quest

Laser Quest
Laser Quest

Are you having a hard time finding the kind of games that best fit an occasion? Do not worry, as we’ve got you covered. Take your laser quest event to the next new level with our unique outdoor version! Our special equipment allows you to play indoor or outdoor, day or night. We offer an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience with exciting objectives to all players!

In this article, we provide the top 5 events Laser Tag Singapore is best known for! If you would like to find out more, please feel free to check out here 10 Things You Need to Know About Laser Tag

Best Events For Laser Tag

1. Birthday Parties

laser quest - laser tag client
laser quest – laser tag client

It’s every child’s dream to have the best birthday party where they’ll remember for life. This can be achieved with a game of laser quest. Our games can be played at our partner venues, which are futsal pitches. However, that doesn’t mean that our partner venues are the only places. We can bring our games to your convenience! All you have to ensure is a space that’s big enough for players to run safely and without disturbing others.

2. Team Building

laser quest - neon laser tag
laser quest – neon laser tag

If you’re looking for a game that’s straightforward yet fun, the laser quest is the way to go. And this cannot be apter, especially when it comes to accommodating large groups such as team building events. We know that not all adults are familiar with modern games. Thus, the laser quest is the best option to get everyone to understand the game within minutes of the briefing. The priority of any team-building event is for colleagues to bond with each other. As such, we’ve customized our games to meet any team-building objective. Our games encourage communication, strategizing, and teamwork.

3. Family Events

laser quest - family events
laser quest – family events

For those with big families, you should be familiar with family day events. Instead of playing the usual old-school games, you may want to try out laser quest. It’s a perfect game that can be played outdoors and indoors, accommodating up to 12 players per game. We also have different game modes for laser quests that you can bond over with friends and family. Furthermore, they’re suitable for people of all ages!

4. School Events

laser quest - school events
laser quest – school events

Laser Quest is an action-packed game, perfect for students who love to have fun! Laser Quest can be played both indoors( air-conditioned area) and outdoors. Players would get to hold guns with infrared beams and wear infrared-sensitive vests. The first team that manages to knock out their opponents will be the winner. Laser tag will definitely bring out competitiveness and teamwork.

5. Corporate Events

laser quest - corporate events
laser quest – corporate events

Laser quest is an exciting game that improves teamwork, communication and promotes team bonding, all of which are important within a corporate environment. Laser tag Singapore provides you with the best laser quest experience with many different gameplays and modes.

Laser Quest

In conclusion, laser quest is a fun team-building game that helps to improve team bonding relationships, it is also suitable for multiple events.

We have come to the end of this article, we hoped that you have a better understanding of laser quest after reading this article.

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