Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Laser Tag Singapore has emerged to become one of the most popular games in recent years. It came from a gaming and arcade variation that some of you may be familiar with! The game includes indoor and outdoor sessions in which players use infrared ray guns. They will fire at the infrared-sensitive targets worn by the participants.

The Outdoor Laser Tag location is rich with obstacles and requires players to work together as a team in order to defeat or outlast their opponents. In stark contrast, an indoor laser tag arena is lit with neon and dark lights for a thrilling gaming experience!

The laser tag game offers you with a wide range of advantages and a crucial lesson from an exciting laser tag in Singapore. The experience is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you. Let's get started with a guide with 8 simple facts about laser tag that you should know!

1. Lighter-duty equipment

Say goodbye to smelly and filthy laser vests that are heavy and dirty. There is no stench from the sensors since they are incorporated into the weapons. Our Laser Weapons have built-in sensors, so there's no need for an unpleasant odor. You can live your own action-packed outdoor video game with our revolutionary, adrenaline-pumping equipment.

2. In-game immersion

Over 10 exciting and intriguing game challenges to select from, prepare for an immersive outside Laser Tag experience with bunkers and barriers! The Cage at Kallang, FutsalArena at Yishun, and Premier Pitch in Turf City can all be used for outdoor laser tag. strategize, plan, and shoot your ways to victory in this laser quest today!

3. More Teams Can Be Accommodated

Because our outdoor laser tag arena may be set up anywhere, there are no space constraints. We can accommodate many Laser Tag players with 2, 3, or 5 teammates from different teams playing at the same time. Each game round lasts around 5-10 minutes to allow for quick transition between groups. Participants can play up to three to four distinct game types.

4. Professional and Certified Facilitators

Experience an Unrestricted Adventure with our Professional Facilitators, who will manage, handle, and take care of everyone's safety and well-being throughout the session using our proprietary ASEATM Quality Training Management System (ISO 9001 Certified). During the game, our Facilitators will be able to manage, handle, and care for everyone's safety.

5. Thrilling Gameplays

Our laser tag experience offers a thrilling, intense, and realistic simulated combat experience with 5 different gameplay modes to choose from! Players will have an amusing time and a memorable encounter with gameplay modes including free for all, Capture the Flag, Elimination, Medic, and Battlefield.

6. Takeaways From Laser Tag

A friendly laser quest game, like any other team building game, encourages collaboration, communication, and leadership skills in its players. Individuals will be able to take charge, plan ahead of time, and communicate effectively with one another, allowing them to practice their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities at the same time.

7. Workout Opportunity

We understand that many people find working out draining. It might be difficult to keep going if you don't have someone encouraging you on the side. Don't worry, The Fun Empire will make sure you have a good time sweating it out. Laser tag is not only about shooting and guns. It's a game in which you run around continuously. You'll get sweaty as you try to avoid being hit by the laser. You'll sweat in just 10 minutes. You could do another 5 rounds, which would bring your workout session to a close. Furthermore, it's with your friends or coworkers, so it will be entertaining!

8. Beautiful and Lasting Memories

A thrilling laser tag game builds teamwork and communication, promotes team bonding, and all of these are essential in the workplace. At the conclusion of the program, your coworkers should be better acquainted with one another and communicate more effectively. It's also always been every child's ambition to have the finest birthday party imaginable; why not make it a laser tag game?

Laser Tag

Give us a call now if you're searching for something new and innovative for your next group activity, birthday party, or event. With our qualified professionals on board, we can help you plan the ideal Laser Tag game based on your unique needs.

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