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10 Best Laser Tag Providers in Singapore That You Must Try [2024]

Laser Tag Singapore

Best Laser Tag Singapore
Best Laser Tag Singapore

Today, laser tag is one of the most popular activity in Singapore. And it is not only in the city alone, but throughout the world. Why is it so? The main reason is that laser tag is an exciting and enjoyable activity.

In this following article we will explore our most outstanding company which can bring you laser tag adventure that will be unforgettable.

What is Laser Tag?

Now what is the definition for laser tag? The simple answer is laser tag is a sport (it’s more like a game) that requires a player to use a laser gun and tag another player with it. In a way, it’s like paintballs, but better, as laser tag is absolutely painless, and you can also play it with any age people as long as you want.

One of the good reasons why people can play laser tag is that you can find any field to play outdoor or indoor, which depends on your preferences. Also, the sports itself require long thoughts, quick response and teamwork, which itself can be really fun and also very mentally stimulating.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Laser Tag Provider

When choosing a laser tag provider in Singapore, there are some factors that you should consider first:

  • Quality of Equipment: Make sure that everything from the equipment you’ll use is in a perfect working condition, comfortable and clean.
  • Game Modes: Did you know laser tag can be played with different game mode? If you didn’t know, then you better look for the laser tag provider that offers variety of game mode so you can enjoy.
  • Pricing: Check that the price is reasonable. Also, find a provider with various packages.

Best Laser Tag Providers in Singapore

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire is an established name when it comes to events planning and team building activity in Singapore. They offer indoors and outdoor options for their laser tag packages. PLUS, they have various game modes that you can choose from.

FunEmpire’s most popular laser tag package is their neon laser tag, which all of their past clients enjoyed. So, what are you waiting for? Contact FunEmpire, and have the best time playing their laser tag game!

2. Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore is company that specializes on team building events and activities. Their laser tag is perfect for any occasion!

3. Birthday Party Singapore

If you’re thinking that Birthday Party Singapore only caters for birthday events, you are mistaken. They offer their services to any event, so why not try your first laser tag experience with them? You will not be disappointed!

4. Laser Tag SG

Lasser Tag SG is known for their indoor and outdoor laser tag experience. Their laser equipment are high quality, and they have an impeccable safety measures when it comes to laser tag.

5. Team Building Games Singapore

Looking for a well-known team building events provider in Singapore that can offer you a quality laser tag experience? Then, Team Building Games Singapore is the one for you! They have thousands of good reviews, so you can rest assured that they will give you the best laser tag experience that you deserve.

6. Laser Quest Singapore

Familiar with FPS online game modes like domination, or capture the flag? What if we told you that you can play it in real-life using laser guns? Laser Quest Singapore offer various game modes for their laser tag packages. So if you want to book them, make sure to ask them for the complete list of games that you can try.

7. Team Building Squad

Team Building Squad is known for unique team building activities, including laser tag. They offer customizable game modes to cater different settings that your group needs, making sure that no one will be left unsatisfied after the game.

8. Cohesion Singapore

As a provider of exceptional and fun-filled team building experiences, Cohesion Singapore specialises in Laser Tag packages for birthday parties, school events, team building and more.

9. Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore is a reputable company with many years of experience in Singapore. They provide different experience in Laser Tag equipment in order that clients will have a memorable experience with them.

10. Team Building Activities Singapore

Besides the usual team building activities, Team Building Activities Singapore is also recognized for taking laser tag games to the next level. You could also customize your chosen laser tag package so that they will really give you what you need for you and your team.

Benefits of Playing Laser Tag

Laser tag has multiple benefits. Here are some:

  1. Laser tag is great for your physical and mental health.
  2. It promotes camaraderie among your team.
  3. It’s a wonderful stress reliever.
  4. It’s a unique experience that everyone will enjoy.
  5. It gives you the adrenaline rush that you need.

Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag Singapore is really a fun activity to join in Singapore and that’s why we’ve listed the best companies that offer laser tag here so you can make the right choice to know which is the best for you.

It would be nice if your time is not running out and you are totally confident that you have selected the right provider of laser tag because it’s really something that you spent some of your bucks.

No pressure on choosing a laser tag provider, take time and review each one carefully so you are 100% sure you’ll have a great experience and everything will be worth it. Don’t hesitate yourself now! Go ahead and experience laser tag with any of the company listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are the best laser tag providers in Singapore?

The most famous and established laser tag companies in Singapore are FunEmpire, Laser Tag Singapore, Laser Quest Singapore and Team Building Singapore. If you book a laser tag with any of them, you will enjoy the laser tag.

Is laser tag safe?

Yes, it is! Laser is very safe since the laser guns uses infrared light, just like the one on your TV remote. It is completely painless.

How long does a game of laser tag lasts?

Laser tag sessions take place over a period of 1 to 2 hours. It may be longer, depending on the package.