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5 Best Laser Tag Venues in Singapore [2024]

Laser Tag Venues Singapore

Best Laser Tag Venues Singapore
Best Laser Tag Venues Singapore

With its interactive and immersive gaming experience, laser tag is one of the most popular adventure sports in Singapore. Mixing sports and fun in the indoor zone, laser tag is a great way to build team spirit and encourages you to work as a group against opponents.

It is also a great game for a birthday party, a perfect activity for kids’ laser tag games, and a fun way to engage with the younger generation. If you want to participate in this laser tag game, finding an ideal location is a must.

So, with this in mind, here we are presenting the top five laser tag game zones in Singapore.

Best Laser Tag Venues Singapore

1. The Cage @ Kallang

The Cage @ Kallang is located near Stadium MRT, underneath a bridge. This makes it fully sheltered and avoids the hassle of having to cancel waterproofing/gum boots for rainy days. There are shower facilities at The Cage @ Kallang, where you can freshen up after an invigorating round of laser tag. Simple parking charges also apply, but it is convenient for those who drive.

2. FunEmpire HQ

Just five MRT stops away from FunEmpire HQ, also close to Mattar MRT, this indoor, air-conditioned venue also makes for a popular location for laser tag, equipped with UV black lights to lend an extra tantalising dimension to the gameplay through its color-teeming aura.

Based on FunEmpireHQ modern facilities, event customizable packages, birthday parties, corporate events and more activity facilities, it is the perfect place for hosting parties, corporate events or even other beneficial occasion. Also, parking makes you more convince to come to FunEmpireHQ.

3. Futsal Arena @ Yishun

Futsal Arena @ Yishun is a good place for laser tag games for those living in the northern part of Singapore. This place is near to the Yishun MRT, so playes can head up here from Yishun bus interchange. The futsal pitches in here are sheltered, so players can still play either in the day or at night, even in the rain.

There are also shower facilities provided, so players can also make things convenient for a change and shower after they are done playing. Furthermore, the carpark is also free to use, but there’s outdoor carpark which is charged.

Futsal Arena is suitable for multiple group sizes and combines both small and large group playing. It is accessible, equipped with complete facilities, making it a favoured place for many people who wish to play laser tags at a trustworthy as well as exciting spot.

4. CharisTurf @ Eunos

CharisTurf @ Eunos, which is an artificial pitch, is located behind Eunos MRT and features sheltered pitches and shower facilities for maximum comfort. The venue also has some chargeable parking spaces for those who drive.

The central localization and top equipment make it a place of choice for laser tag tournament. An ordinary game that one can arrange with friends will take place on these conditions, while the more serious events can rely on the fact that such conditions will suffice their needs.

5. KickOff @ Kovan

KickOff @ Kovan is another excellent venue for laser tag games, located near Kovan MRT. This venue features sheltered pitches and shower facilities, ensuring that players can enjoy the game comfortably and clean up afterward. Chargeable parking is also available, adding to the venue’s convenience.

It is the ease and versatility of KickOff @ Kovan that sets it apart from other offers in town. KickOff Kovan is the ideal venue for a variety of group activities from pick up games to official organised events. The location, services and facilities provided makes it the recommended place to laser tag in town.

Laser Tag Venues Singapore

Selecting the correct place for laser tag is never an easy task. This selection gets more difficult due to several venues available. If you are looking forward to playing laser tag from Singapore, these are the five venues I have summed up for you.

From Cage @ Kallang to FunEmpire HQ, every venue has its specialty that caters to different needs, preferences and individual choices. These venues provide an ideal platform for laser tag, regardless of how much you are ready to invest your time or money to play laser tag. Whether you want an easily accessible place, well-equipped spot or a fully customizable atmosphere, these venues are the ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about laser tag venues in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Laser Tag Venues in Singapore below:

What should I wear for a laser tag game?

Wear loose clothing and closed-toed shoes. Dark colours are better than light ones, so the robins won’t see you against the trees.

Can I book these venues for private events?

Yes, all mentioned venues offer booking options for private events and parties.

Are there age restrictions for playing laser tag?

The majority have a minimum age, usually between 7 and 8, but do check with the venue you have chosen.

How long does a typical laser tag game last?

In most cases, the game would last about 15 to 20 minutes – although this could vary depending on the venue and the package.

Is laser tag safe?

Yes, laser tag is generally safe. All equipment is designed to be harmless, and safety instructions are provided by the venue staff.