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What is Laser Tag?: An Introduction to Singapore’s Laser Tag Games [2024]

What Is Laser Tag Singapore

What Is Laser Tag Singapore
What Is Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is a action-packed recreational activity where players wear infrared-emitting guns to take the opposing team out and win.

The playing field is a specially designed indoor arena with objects like fences, doors, bunkers and crawl spaces which often become an oddity but encourage players to explore new tactics and strategies.

Laser tag has become highly popular round the globe in the recent years.

In Singapore , laser tag has become a well-known hobby among children as well as teenagers and adults.

Types of Laser Tag

Indoor Laser Tag

Indoor laser tag takes place in highly controlled arenas with elaborate themes and advanced gaming technology to provide an immersive experience. These arenas are usually decked out with black lights, fog machines and intricate layouts for maximum ambience. Due to being indoors, the experience is consistent no matter what the weather may be.

Outdoor Laser Tag

Outdoor laser tag offers a different form of the game, being played on natural terrain using larger fields of play. The game can be enjoyed in open fields or wooded areas, and benefits from a diverse offering of objects and terrain, from trees and ravines, to bushes and ditches, in addition to the fresh air that only the outdoor environment can offer.

Gameplay and Rules

Basic Rules

The central aim of a laser tag match is to win by tagging your opponents before they tag you. Players wear vests or taps strapped to their chests that detect when a player gets tagged. Laser tag is played in a variety of formats – for example, as team wallball or free-for-all – but all formats generally last for about 15 to 20 minutes, and the team or player with the highest score wins.


Laser tag equipment consists of laser guns, hot and cold spots, and sensors. Players wear vests which rehearse infrared beams that are detected by the sensors of the guns and recorded as hit points.

Latest laser tag equipment is light weight and possess user-friendly design and highly responsive controls. Major gaming arenas are also equipped with power-ups and propelled targets to increase the game attractiveness.

Safety Measures

Laser tag is a very safe pastime, with venues using low-powered infrared beams, protective eyewear and enforced rules governing contact between players. Every player is also briefed on safety procedures prior to each game.

Strategic Elements

Team Strategies

Teamwork is equally important in competitive laser tag. Winning teams use strategies, such as splitting into offense/defense, synchronizing their movements, and communicating with each other frequently. Teams that cooperate and plan their strategy together will be successful in dominating the game and completing their goals.

Individual Tactics

Players can also alter their tactics to become more combat-effective, for example learning stealth steps and maneuvres, exploiting cover, remaining situational awareness. Fast reactions and accurate shot-keeping are fundamental to survival, combined with the ability to anticipate – both one’s opponent’s action and one’s own body’s movements.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Physical Exercise

Laser tag is a great exercise for people. Because you have to hurry run, dodge, shoot quickly when you play since mission’s timer will stop if you are surfaced or hit, so you will have good cardiovascular health, coordination, precise hand and eye movements which contribute to your overall fitness. Besides, people of all ages will like to join if it is in an attractive environment.

Mental Benefits

Laser tag also has mental benefits, it’s a sport that can enhance the strategic thinking, promotes the mental health of kids, and improve their problem solving skills and better concentration.

Laser Tag is a very quick-paced entertainment which can make a player think on the feet to act quickly or to better prepare their next move, according to the situation foe and friend, which is very useful for daily lives.

Social and Team-Building Benefits

Bonding Experience

Laser tag is a social event that promotes interaction and teamwork – perfect for groups who want to socialize, come together and have an enjoyable time. It’s a great game for kids to play with cousins and friends, adults to enjoy with their co-workers and everyone in between.

Laser tag can strengthen bonds between friends and family by providing a common experience to share and remember.

Corporate Team-Building

The idea is that laser tag will help companies develop effective communication, co-operation and greater morale among co-workers. The game contributes to create teamwork, trust among us and get along much better.

The fun is that, laser tag is one of most unique game I have ever played. It provides possibility to learn teamwork, co-operation, get accustomed each other and get along much better.

Tips for First-Timers

What to Wear

A good and pleasant laser tag experience requires players to wear loose and comfortable outfits made from natural breathable fabric and have comfortable and lightweight footwear that allows fast-moving. Darker clothes are advisable as they can camouflage in the setting of an arena.

Preparation and Planning

New players should come early enough to walk the arena and listen to the safety briefing. Players should identify any blind spots and strategize with teammates before the game begins. Additionally, they should practice how to use the equipment.

What Is Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is an activity that has many benefits, such as exercise and boosting mental satisfaction, as well as socializing and building teamwork.

With it becoming very well known in Singapore, there are now various venues providing multiple kinds of play packages to cater to all tastes and occasions. Laser tag is a really fun activity that anyone can appreciate in themselves or others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about laser tag in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Laser Tag in Singapore below:

What is the minimum age for laser tag?

As a general rule, all arenas will accept anyone aged 7 and over for laser tag games.

Is laser tag safe?

Absolutely, one can play laser tag safely if the management clearly instruct the players about the safety measures to be followed for hitting their target, such as using the infrared beam instead of real ammunition, wearing a safety vest, and following the police code of conduct.

How long does a typical laser tag game last?

Usually, a laser tag game lasts 15-20 minutes, so most of the time players have enough to think on their strategic game plan, and to get enough good fun.

Do I need any special skills to play laser tag?

Laser tag appears to be fun and does not require any complex skills. It is basically a sport which you can play without having any specific skills, suitable for anybody. Laser tag attracts people of all ages. It is also a glossy game. People can quickly get used to it.

Can I play laser tag if I have health issues?

Anyone with existing health problems, especially those that would impact physical activity, will want to check with a physician first to ensure they are fit to play. Most centers provide guidance and accommodations for special needs players.